Swim. Walk. Gaze.

Swim. Walk. Gaze.

Swim. Walk. Gaze.Swim. Walk. Gaze.Swim. Walk. Gaze.

Luxury forest retreat


As of March 23, we must sadly close Libelulle Cottages to  guests until the Bowen Island Municipality lifts current tourism sanctions. We look forward to hosting you when things get back to normal. We send thoughts of health and safety to your and your family.        Find out more at: https://www.tourismbowenisland.com/

About us


Where you are

Libellule Cottages are on a  hilltop on the sunny south side of Bowen Island. A  year-round playground, walking distance to Quarry and Headwaters parks, trails and waterfalls.  Only minutes drive from restaurants and shops in Snug Cove.


What you do

Swim by day and stargaze by night in our solar-heated pool. Drive two minutes to Bowen Island Golf Club or rejuvenate in our silent 3-acre property--practically a private park. Swim in Bowen's best beaches: Bowen Bay and Tunstall are nearby. Hike miles of nearby trails.


What you get

A place to renew yourself. A place to listen to music, wander among the trees, sit by a waterfall, read, trailblaze, write, paint, stay or plan adventures. Arrive to a gift basket of fresh fruit, healthy snacks and drinks. A library of films is in each cabin. Art supplies are provided in abundance. 

Price List

Your hosts

We are Liz and Michael Nankin. Libellule is our home--we live in the main house a stroll away form the cottages. We chose the name Libellule (Dragonfly in French) after the universal symbol for change, transformation, adaptability and self-realization. This is a creative, open community for everyone to feel comfortable and safe. We believe in personal service which is why we take reservations by phone and email only. We want to meet you and accommodate your needs. We look forward to greeting you on your arrival and guiding you through the property. 

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Libellule Cottages

310 Forest Ridge Rd, Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2


Contact hours

8am to 10pm

Terms and Conditions

When you book a cottage at Libellule, you agree to the following:

Because our cottages are close to each other, we limit our guests to adults (18+) only. We feel that an adult couple in one cabin and a family with children in the other might not be an agreeable mix for either guest. We welcome families of all ages if you want to rent both cabins. We would be delighted to talk to you about your needs and do whatever we can to accommodate you. 

We are a non-smoking, non-vaping property for reasons of health, safety and comfort of all our guests. There is a $400 minimum charge for returning a cottage to its smoke-free status. We appreciate your understanding.

We are a pet-free facility.

We offer free parking on premises for one vehicle per cottage. There is plenty of street parking for visitors. Please note that the walk from the parking space to your cottage is approx. 100m on grass. There are four stairs leading up to each cabin. We have not, at this time, built handicap access. 

Damaged or missing items from the cottages will be charged to your credit card on file. These include but are not limited to remote controls, linens, pillows, keys, mugs, etc. Please inquire if you have any questions or concerns about this policy. 

Please note there is a two-night minimum on weekends. Bowen Island has a very short and busy season so book early, especially if you are attending an event.

Winter rates (November thru April) C$175/night

Summer rates (May thru October) C$195/night

Weekly rate C$1200

50% payable upon reservation, remaining balance due 14 days before arrival day. Payment is by credit card only. We are a small independent business, cancellations affect us greatly. Please note our cancellation policy:

If you cancel 14 days prior to arrival date -- 100% refund.

Between 8 - 14 days from arrival - 50% refund.

Within 7 full days before arrival date the booking is non-refundable. If we are able to re-book the cottage and recoup our losses, we will provide a refund. All cancellations  must be provided to libellulecottages@gmail.com

Check-in is 3pm, check out is 11am. This gives us time to prepare the cottages for the next guest. Ask about late check out if you need it. 

We do not offer daily maid service but we do freshen the rooms for stays 3 days or longer.


Living at Libellule

Here's some information we'd like you to know. You'll find the same information in your cottages. Please ask your hosts if you have any further questions about the cottages or Bowen Island.


When you get off the ferry, drive straight up the hill on TRUNK ROAD. The name of this road will change to GRAFTON ROAD. 

Turn right on ADAMS ROAD. After a while, you'll see signs for the golf course. 

Turn left on SUNSET ROAD. The name of this road will change to COWAN POINT DRIVE. 

Turn left on FOREST RIDGE ROAD. Look for the dragonfly flag!

Our driveway is on the left, 20 meters from the turn. Drive up the driveway and park on the left. 310 Forest Ridge Road.

It sounds complex because of all the name changes, but it's really only 3 turns. Any GPS will guide you here flawlessly. If you have any trouble, give us a call at 323-363-6013.

There is one taxi on Bowen Island. Bus service from the Cove stops at Sunset Road (2km walk from the cottages) so a car is highly recommended. The ferry can get very crowded, especially in the summer, especially on the weekends, so allow plenty of time to get in the ferry line. 

We ask you to please pay attention to the well-being of the cottages and the land:

There is approximately an acre of forest on the property. It is currently in its natural state, although we are working to groom it in the future. You are welcome to explore as much as you wish but be aware of uneven ground and low branches.

Very important: do not put any items on top of the fireplace--they will burn! Any plastic will melt and clothes will ignite. Use the thermostat to control the fireplace. 

Other than natural functions, only toilet paper can go in the toilet as we are on a sensitive septic system. Also, please do not use any anti-bacterial soaps or products, as these can destroy the chemistry of the system. Shampoos and soaps provided for you are hypo-allergenic and phosphate free. 

Please be careful about leaving food outside the cottages. It will attract critters. 

Please close the gate upon entering/exiting, otherwise we have to become deer-herders. 

A flashlight is provided if you plan on returning to your cottage after dark.

All our guests value their privacy. Please respect this and stay in your own cottage environment, the front gardens and the pool area. You are encouraged to explore the property but be aware that this is also our home and we appreciate your thoughtfullness in regard to  areas connected to our house.


Instructions for the record player (Stan) and the vintage radio (Ollie) are displayed with the items. Please be gentle with the sensitive equipment and protect the records for the enjoyment of all. 

The pool is available to everyone all summer long. Pool hours are 9am to midnight. The pool is shared by cottage guests, us and our friends. The use of the pool area is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Children must be supervised at all times. No glass objects, please. Plasticware is provided. Poolside towels are provided--please do not use cottage towels for the pool. Pool is under low-chemical care for comfort and health. Pool toys and floaties are provided. 

We also provide a bin of art supplies in the pool house for the artist within.